Who is Dr. Robbins? And Why Does He Love M?

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Who is Dr. Robbins? And Why Does He Love M?

Dr. Keith Robbins is a chiropractic physician, health coach, educator and supplement formulator. He has an undergraduate degree from BYU in applied physics with a minor in math and philosophy. He then went on to obtain a Master’s Degree in business. He said he had an unusual combination of being a lab geek and a people person. He wanted to find a way to combine the two.

He said he has always been an entrepreneur at heart. While he was working on his Master’s Degree, he was running a computer hardware maintenance company. His mother was a massage therapist. Any time his family received healthcare, it was through a chiropractor. He said the doctor would diagnose what was wrong and the chiropractor would fix it. “I loved chiropractic, loved how it made me feel and I declared if I ever had to start over again I would go into chiropractic,” said Dr. Robbins. Apparently, the universe heard that. His hardware company struggled due to the aftermath of 9/11. That was his chance to start over and pursue his passion. He moved to Texas and obtained a doctorate of chiropractic.

Dr. Robbins has a passion for nutrition. “As much as I love adjusting, if a person isn’t nutritionally sound, my adjustments won’t hold, and they can’t fully heal,” said Dr. Robbins. He says there is a triad of health- physical, emotional and nutrition. That triad is how he approaches his clients. He says those components should all be balanced. While trying to address that triad and maximize his client’s’ health, it led him to dive even deeper into nutrition. Now, he has been working on and focusing on nutrition for twenty years. “My two passions in nutrition are gut health and hydration,” he said. “Cells communicate in the fluid, without fluid they can’t communicate, and there is a lot of research showing the brain and gut are interconnected.”

A few distributors introduced him to M.Network and M•STIKs. He came to take a look and thought it was such a beneficial product. “The biggest hurdle I’ve had in getting patients to drink water is flavor or taste because they go from drinking soft drinks, but now that they have a product they can put in their water to hydrate is great,” said Dr. Robbins. He felt like it was a great company to be a part of directly or indirectly to educate and consult on the importance of hydration and overall wellbeing. M was a perfect fit for his passion of nutrition and hydration. “Through education and an incredible product we have the ability to create a hydration revolution,” he said. Now we have an opportunity to change perspectives and change lives. Dr Robbins said, “We have a network of people built on integrity, love, honesty and that gives us a great foundation to help change people’s lives.”

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