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Creativity is thinking about new things; innovation is doing new things.

Boldness and forward thinking are two foundational characteristics of M.Network.

In order to maximize product development and Member feedback, we’ve launched a testing ground for our favorite ideas. We call it the M•Lab, and it’s our space for innovation, where we put all of our most exciting ideas into play. And since we are the Members’ network, we thrive off the involvement and feedback of our best Customers.

What can you expect?

M.Labs is your testing room. The corporate team is always working on improving our products and delivering cutting-edge products. We partner with our members to guide us through this process.

If you can dream it, we can create it!


Finally, a sports drink the entire family can enjoy!

The last thing a healthy, active body needs is more soda and sugary sports drinks.

Thankfully, the intelligent alternative is Rocket•STIKs from M.

Bursting with natural flavor, electrolyte-enhanced Rocket helps you stay hydrated while delivering additional vitamins and nutrients to everyone in the family — whether they’re doing daily yoga, cross-fit, weekend hikes, soccer leagues or top-level collegiate and high school athletics.

M3Z Sleep Spray

For optimal wellness, every single one of us needs adequate quality sleep, which is second in importance only to what we eat. Thank the stars for M.Network, and say “good night” — and then “good morning!” —  to M3Z, another amazing M•Lab creation.

The active ingredient in M3Z is called Zea mays, an extract of natural grasses from the corn family. Our exclusive source comes from seeds that have not been genetically modified, that have grown organically. And M3Z is the only product we know of that employs this ingredient in this way.

Thanks to several use patents and a controlled human clinical trial, M3Z offers quick, uninterrupted sleep that refreshes.

Please note possible side effects, which include lowered anxiety, an increased sense of well-being, and positive effects on libido.

About 30–60 minutes before you want to go to sleep, spray 6–10 times under the tongue, swish for a few seconds, then swallow. The proprietary formula gets into your bloodstream fast, and soon you’re enjoying the rest that your body deserves.

Sweet dreams!

8n1 Daily Skin Care

Take your skin’s hydration to the next level — or the next eight levels!

The M•Lab is proud to introduce another amazing creation: Codenamed “8n1,” this is daily skin care at its finest. Check out these amazing features:

  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Exfoliator
  • Hydrator
  • Brightener
  • Pore minimizer
  • Makeup primer
  • Age defier

<gasp!> All eight in one? Yep.


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