A Disruptive Direct Sales Company Launches: M.Network

M.Network launches with five targeted nutrition products featuring Rapid-Dispersion Technology™

Salt Lake City, Utah, January 24, 2017 (Newswire.com) – Different from the world’s tired and outdated home-based business opportunities, M.Network was created to transform entrepreneurship while positively impacting the world through a collection of passionate Members, Customers and staff.

M.Network’s product line, called M•STIKs, includes powdered supplements that mix with water to deliver targeted nutrition—what the company calls Hydration with Purpose.™ The products target specific wellness areas through an improved water-consumption process with phenomenal, low-calorie flavors and outstanding nutritional benefits. Alarmingly, about 75% of Americans are under-hydrated. Since the human body is comprised of water more than anything else, every process and function is affected by under-hydration. Drinking enough water is essential for optimal physical and mental wellness.

M’s Product Philosophy

All M products must meet five key requirements:

  • Taste & smell good
  • Easy to share
  • Immediate impact
  • Premium quality
  • Retail-competitive

“I love giving STIKs to people, because I know they’ll love it—and it’s good for them!” said CEO Ryan Anderson. Here’s a look at M’s targeted-nutrition offerings:

  • CoreAO•stiks – antioxidant and daily immunity
  • GO•stiks – smooth energy with no after-crash
  • TRIM•stiks – appetite control
  • SMART•stiks – nootropic brain boost
  • SOUL•stiks – mood enhancer
  • BURN•caps – weight-loss support

Each formula highlights specific botanicals, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and more, helping consumers derive even more benefit from their water. This targeted nutrition is enhanced by proprietary Rapid-Dispersion Technology™ (“RDT”), a process of protecting the nutrients to deliver superior results. This technology enables the products to dissolve easily, absorb more easily into the bloodstream, and provide excellent flavor profiles, all without preservatives.

A brand making an impact around the world

“This is the Members’ company, and our Members are leading the way.”
—Ryan Anderson, CEO

Anderson’s more than 16 years of industry experience combines with an additional 50+ years from Glen Oliver, Alain Templeman and David Webb. Each of them has a very particular set of skills, from sales to operations to marketing technology to communications, and they all share a passion for working with the customer/distributor field.

M works with an extensive network of relationships that support the entrepreneurial spirit. The company facilitates these relationships with 1) products that work and make a difference; 2) real-world, family-friendly pricing; and 3) an innovative business model that allows Members to pursue a number of distinct revenue generators: direct sales from the company, person-to-person sales, trade shows and events, social media, fundraisers, and online and store-presence retail.

Anderson summed it up: “Our Members and Customers can have a tailor-made experience at whatever level they’re interested. Our field leaders and our corporate staff are among the best in the industry, and we’re eager to partner toward a fantastic future together.”

About M.Network

M.Network is a direct-sales company based in the glorious mountain country of Utah. The company launched January 15, 2017, and now boasts six outstanding targeted-nutrition products for daily hydration and weight loss. Their direct-sales model is enhanced by other revenue-generating channels, including social media, retail, fundraisers, trade shows and more.


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